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Bundaberg Medical

Located in Queensland, Australia, the city of Bundaberg is a vibrant city that is home to various medical businesses that offer quality healthcare services to its residents. The city, which has a population of around 70,000 people, has a wide range of medical businesses that cater to the needs of the community. These businesses are categorized into different types based on their services.

General Practitioners

General practitioners are the primary caregivers of patients in Bundaberg. They are responsible for providing general medical care, diagnosing and treating common illnesses, and coordinating the care of patients with other specialists. Some of the top general practitioners in Bundaberg include Apple Tree Medical Centre, Bargara Coastal Medical Centre, Bundy Medical Centre, and Better Medical.

Specialist Doctors

Specialist doctors in Bundaberg are physicians who have received additional training and education in specific areas of medical care. They are experts in a particular field and provide specialized care to patients. Some of the top specialist doctors in Bundaberg include Dr. Michael Lonsdale, who specializes in cardiology, Dr. Michael Somogyi, who specializes in orthopedics, and Dr. Nick Given, who specializes in gastroenterology.


Dentists in Bundaberg are professionals who specialize in the care and treatment of teeth and gums. They offer a variety of services, including cleaning, filling, scaling and polishing, tooth extractions, and more. Some of the top dentists in Bundaberg include Bundaberg Dental Group, Coastal Family Dental, Coral Coast Dental, and Grinners Dental Clinic.


Pharmacists are professionals who specialize in the preparation and dispensing of medications. They play a crucial role in the healthcare system by ensuring that patients receive the right medications at the right time. Some of the top pharmacies in Bundaberg include Amcal Pharmacy, Chemmart Pharmacy, Priceline Pharmacy, and TerryWhite Chemmart.


Hospitals in Bundaberg are institutions that provide a wide range of medical services to patients. They are equipped with advanced technology and facilities to provide quality medical care to patients with different health conditions. Some of the top hospitals in Bundaberg include Bundaberg Hospital, which provides general medical and surgical services, and Friendly Society Private Hospital, which provides a range of specialist services including cardiology, gastroenterology, and more.

Pathology and Radiology

Pathology and Radiology are two important services that are essential to the diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions. Pathologists are specialists who study the nature and cause of diseases by examining blood samples, tissues, and other specimens. Radiologists are specialists who use imaging techniques such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Some of the top pathology and radiology service providers in Bundaberg include Queensland X-Ray, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, and Healthscope Pathology.

Benefits of Using Medical Businesses in Bundaberg

• Convenient Access: Medical businesses in Bundaberg are located conveniently across the city, making it easy for residents to access quality healthcare services.

• Quality Care: Medical businesses in Bundaberg offer high-quality medical care services to patients. They use advanced technology and facilities to diagnose and treat medical conditions.

• Experienced Professionals: Medical businesses in Bundaberg are staffed with experienced healthcare professionals who are trained to provide high-quality care to patients.

• Affordable Prices: Medical businesses in Bundaberg offer affordable healthcare services to patients. They accept a range of payment options, including insurance and self-funded payments.

Contact Details

Apple Tree Medical Centre - Phone: (07) 4155 7200

Bargara Coastal Medical Centre - Phone: (07) 4159 0900

Bundy Medical Centre - Phone: (07) 4131 9090

Better Medical - Phone: (07) 4150 8100

Dr. Michael Lonsdale - Phone: (07) 4152 2111

Dr. Michael Somogyi - Phone: (07) 4131 1200

Dr. Nick Given - Phone: (07) 4151 2922

Bundaberg Dental Group - Phone: (07) 4152 2607

Coastal Family Dental - Phone: (07) 4151 3622

Coral Coast Dental - Phone: (07) 4131 5000

Grinners Dental Clinic - Phone: (07) 4153 2233

Amcal Pharmacy - Phone: (07) 4151 1923

Chemmart Pharmacy - Phone: (07) 4151 1616

Priceline Pharmacy - Phone: (07) 4153 1399

TerryWhite Chemmart - Phone: (07) 4151 5266

Bundaberg Hospital - Phone: (07) 4150 2222

Friendly Society Private Hospital - Phone: (07) 4331 1000

Queensland X-Ray - Phone: (07) 4331 9399

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology - Phone: (07) 4150 7800

Healthscope Pathology - Phone: (07) 4303 6900

In summary, the medical businesses in Bundaberg offer quality healthcare services to residents of the city. From general practitioners to specialist doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and hospitals, Bundaberg has a wide range of medical businesses that cater to the needs of the community. Patients can enjoy convenient access to quality care, experienced professionals, and affordable prices when using these medical businesses in Bundaberg.

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